William Kankwamba, Malawi Maker

me_standing_at_the_top_of_the_win_2.jpgI will be stoked if I bump into someone like William Kankwamba during my September trip to the Congo. Snip from his blog:

I took the minibus home from Madisi Secondary School to my home in Wimbe, Kasungu District, and began a project to upgrade the main source of power generation from a bicycle dynamo to a treadmill motor, a much more powerful generator of electricity.

I was given the motor by Mike and Peter of Baobab Health, where I will have an after-school job beginning in August. They bought the motor as part of a kit to build a windmill from a story they saw in the American Do-It-Yourself magazine, MAKE. They were intending to build a windmill from a kit to power one of their remote health care computer systems but gave me the motor and a Volt meter as a gift when I first met them. I had already been to the TEDGlobal Conference with their colleague Soyapi. I was very happy to receive this motor and have been wanting to install it on the windmill for some time.

via Inhabitat.com.

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