June 24th, 2008


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Wordle is a Java Applet for creating word clouds, such as the tag cloud here on mindtangle.net. However, the words can be set to orient themselves every which way, nest, etc. I’ve seen this on a couple blogs, so I decided to make my own. Here’s my delicious word cloud, artfully arranged:

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Lucky Red

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AB noticed that on the Chinese version of Google Finance, red and green have reversed meanings: red for good and green for bad:

I’ve exaggerated the red because it was hard for my color-differently-abled eyes to see.

Red is certainly a lucky color in China, traditionally. I wonder if green has any cultural meanings. AB did note (helpfully) that “in China, ‘green hat’ often refers to a man whose wife is cheating on him. In the unlikely event of you wanting to give your Chinese friend a hat, steer clear of green.”

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MTC Considering “Stop and Roll” Proposal

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From the S.F. Biker Bulletin:

[W]e’re pleased that the Metropolitan Transportation Commission is exploring possible “Stop and Roll” legislation for California, modeled after an Idaho law that allows bicyclists to treat stop signs as yield signs, and red lights as stop signs. The Idaho stop sign law has been in place since 1982 and the stop light law since 2005. These changes, coupled with motorist, pedestrian, and bicyclist education, could smooth traffic flow for all road users. As gas prices rise and more people switch to sustainable modes of transportation, our government agencies need to reconsider how our traffic laws are structured and update them to support and encourage sustainable transportation, walking, biking, and transit. A thorough analysis on the feasibility and impact of these laws is needed, and we’ll keep you posted as the MTC’s research moves forward towards possible state legislation. For more background, read this SF Bay Guardian story “The Bike Issue: Don’t stop“.

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